Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Every marketer needs to keep refreshing the email database to keep the numbers up and going all the way...
email marketing for professionals

so here are some tips curated just for marketers to keep growing that database for your email campaigns .. keep hustling!...

you need to have an awesome email content so that your readers forward them to their friends and family to follow you and read your stuff....

also keep encouraging your readers to support you in different social media channels and share your email through emails or on FB wall or on twitter..anywhere they can help you.... don't be shy to ask your users to  show love for you on the internet ...

you can also execute online campaigns like free pdfs, online competitions or promotional codes to get emails and build database on them

hosting your own offline meetup events to get emails is also a good strategy to get potential customers

the age of digital marketing and why you need digital marketing for your business

also for some effective marketing conversion tips you can click on the image below

  Effective marketing conversion techniques

you can download it from the link: simple guide to email marketing

Monday, 17 October 2016

Increasing your word-of-mouth marketing - Phenomposts

Many business professionals believe that word-of-mouth referral is the most powerful form of marketing.. is also one of the most lucrative ways of spreading information about your company and what services or products that you offer... when referring to someone your customer becomes a part of the sales force of your company and regardless of any company and their size or revenue this is TRUE!!
according to statistics...above 80% of people listen to their friends and family members recommendation before buying any product... and also about 60% people will trust opinions from consumers they have never met before in their life... 

word-of-mouth marketing strategies

who's better than your own loyal consumers to sell your products... right!!... word-of-mouth is an aspect of marketing that shouldn't bee ignored by any firm/company/organisation  ...

WORD-OF-MOUTH is one of the primary factor that continues to influence major purchasing decisions!

After some research and on-ground observations, talking to professionals and normal users of any brand or products, i came up with a list of things to do for increasing your W.O.M.(Word-of-mouth) referrals... 
Following is a list of techniques and things you can do to increase your W.O.M. referrals marketing strategy :

ASK FOR REFERRALS-ask for referrals directly. when you will be good at something people will help you...so concentrate on your brand and services and people(loyal consumers) will go out of their way to help you

BE SPECIFIC-be specific at what type of target market you have for your referral strategy....to make the users more clear about what type of people they should refer ....

tips for leads-sales process and acquiring customers

CUSTOMERS VISION-peek and have a nice look inside your customers head and find what does he really needs from you... what are they looking for?. also if they find you resourceful and that you are there to help them then they will refer you to someone who fits .. sales confirmed!!
align with your customers vision :)
word-of-mouth still most important in the digital age of internet

Make a wow product- make a viral product...that would make people talk about it.. make a original need based people's product... once people around you start noticing your product you can start your marketing strategies.
word-of-mouth marketing
here is a list of 2016 marketing tips for beginner

Getting your product to influencers- identify your influencers and start targeting them now...you need to find people who loves your product and want to tell their friends about it because it helps them... but the problem is finding the right influencers no matter how many followers or decision changing powers they might have.. getting your product into the right people is a strategy not an option .. provide your product to a powerful influencer and highlight the needs it solves and build a story behind it ... and slowly you can get from 1 influencer to a small community to a powerful brand with a growing userbase... 
power influence 

SHARING IS CARING-make it easy to share for your customers. it should be easy for users to write a review and easily share it and talk about your contents in different social media channels.. get reviews and rating and get your users share their opinions on the internet .. try to get honest reviews.


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Saturday, 8 October 2016


These top marketing trends for social media will help you dominate your competition and get you better conversion and leads for your business.lets checkout the top social media marketing trends for 2016:

why you need digital marketing for your business!!

1. Optimizing for mobiles

last year, mobile traffic was more in comparison to desktops and laptops... users are shifting towards mobile to find anything online..... therefore its very important that business owners also improve their sites for mobile users .. if they don't optimize their websites for mobile traffic, they might just lose out to their competition. stay ahead of the competition and optimize your websites for mobile phones.. everybody has a powerful smartphone nowadays and you should cater to their needs...

why optimize for mobiles??

2. Keyword research for voice search

digital assistance through voice control 

digital assistance through voice control is getting famous and users have already started to use them for complex long tail keyword search or queries.. this is a new challenge for digital marketing experts .. to optimize for voice search results.

3. Importance of local SEO

local SEO is getting more important because of the launch of new services like google's my Business or google places ... such services are giving business owners better lead generation and also helping them with more channels to grow business. this also helps business owners by giving them more visibility online  and they can also control many accounts from a single central location.
optimizing for search engine results


try getting better rank for your social media posts. Most marketers are using social media to get better results in search engines. you should make sure that your social media pages gets shown in the first page of search results, whenever a user types and search your company name.. this should be further leveraged to maintain PR and monitoring data...

social media posts

5. App store optimization

last year more than 50% of total time spent by mobile users was in mobile apps.... this should not come as a surprise because people are more readily using mobile apps to complete their daily tasks and needs...

and if you have a business app.. then you should start optimizing for app store right now..... there are millions of apps in the app store and that's a lot of competition.... if you don't optimize for app store .. users will not find out about your app.. and if they can't view it in the first few results then you are not optimizing it enough...

app search engine optimization- before & after

6. New on page SEO

optimizing on-page SEO means improving your website structure, inter-linking different pages and content optimization.

By measuring important site metrics like click-through-rate, engagement, social signals & relevant content you can find out where you need improvements in your website.

7. Sell on social

Social media sites like pinterest and Facebook now allow advertisers to sell directly on their platforms... this is an awesome opportunity to reach out to your audience and get better conversions..

its a win-win for all.... cause now the social users can buy services products without leaving the app....

advantages of social media selling

8. Videos will dominate

Youtube still generates a massive amount of traffic and hits on its videos EVERYDAY!!

according to the data of november 2015, FaceBook generated 8 million views on videos daily.. 

importance of videos in social media

this is the importance of videos. people love watching videos online.. and study shows that videos with content relevant to users has highest engagements... so find ways how you can present your contents through interesting videos..

FIND  more social media marketing trends  


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Productivity for professionals

Have you ever thought about how your productivity is getting low ... Because of stress and other life issues ... But this doesn't mean you won't work on your productivity ....
You can first start by getting tools that can make your life more productive

You can also make more out of your efforts and time by networking... professionals networks.. close connections or whatever you can call them... They all have the same cause...
These close circles help us solve problems that we can't usually find easily... They might even help us connect to another awesome person relevant to our needs and problems.... So start building your network...

We want to make a platform for professionals to find relevant connections... Our mission is to help professionals connect and do business...
Help and join our mission to stay updated with awesome insights and our progress.
 Golden tips for developing professional networks

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Mobile application marketing strategy

There are 1.3 mil android and 1.2 mil ios apps on the store .. that's a lot and this competition is only increasing.....the total no. of smart phone users is around 1.9 bil at present....the ad revenue is ever increasing .. no. of investments in mobile app companies are growing .... Better infrastructure and financial facilities compared to 5 years ago...everything is right to work on your own idea .. build an app...and launch it!!but before you launch your app in the store, make sure you have a proper marketing plan for pre and post launch periods...this will help you manage the risks involved and also help gauge your own apps performance in the app store...

start with doing some market research

once you have decided to work on your application... before you sit down and start coding your wire-frames & ui....go out in the market 
meet your target audience and talk to them about the needs that they want your app to fulfill ... what are their requirements and try to figure 
out who are the core users.. you will start building the app around your core users and that's how you are going to decide which
features to provide via feedback or ratings... also find out about apps solving the same problem... study their applications.. 
look at their names and what category or keywords they are targeting...  

generate a feedback loop

during beta testing phase you have to identify the core users and make them use your app in all possible scenarios and with some marketing budget
you can target them through different social media channels.... make a pre signup list so that you can send them a notification as soon as you launch 
in the app store...also you have to be actively engaged with the users to build a strong user community around your app..

marketing before and after

marketing for application is often neglected in comparison to the importance given to time and resources invested in product development and research.
marketing is also as important.. you have to make your product discover-able so that they can download your app as soon as possible
marketing plan for application includes some basic but crucial steps:

USP- what makes your app unique. 
optimize for app store
app name
preview trailer
blog for your company
beta test phase
promotional channels
community forums
outreach plan
press KIT
promotional deadlines

USER engagement retention

the sooner you start working on user engagement and retention its better because initially your are going to pup some money to get downloads 
and increase active users ... but for the long run your user engagement & retention strategies should be properly planned out and executed early...
use 80-20 rule to find your best 20% features that brings 80% of the engagement and start working from that...

startup insights-how to acquire customers

measuring key parameters

monthly active users daily active users
retention rate- help you find if your app in market fit or not
average revenue per user life time value of your users
find out the statistics important for your company and try to make them better to perform better and stay strong in the competition

beginner tips for marketing professionals

app-store update description

you can also use the update description to market the new features and updates available from the app... use this strategy to get attention
from existing users who haven't been much active lately...

customer support

you will have millions of downloads but its important to take care of each user... a bad customer review or experience when gets viral in the internet 
community it can have a great damage and loss for the brand and company.. so its very important that you take care of your users and reply to their queries and
try solving their problems effectively.


don't underestimate the power of email

it's very critical to start building your email list and start creating personalized email marketing campaigns

Wednesday, 17 August 2016



it is the strategic marketing approach used to create valuable & relevant contents for target users and to generate more traffic for your company.the main objectives for a content marketer is to create, publish & distribute useful content for its users... and attract & acquire maximum possible users.

Content marketing also helps businesses predict, scale & maintain a cost efficient way of generating traffic.You need a team for your content marketing!!You need to figure out who is going to run the content marketing program... but if you are an entrepreneur and you are trying to minimize your costs & generate profits, you can run your content marketing own your own.... you just have to follow some methods to get the maximum output.

content marketing job
content marketing 

In terms of your content marketing responsibilities, your job is to:
Create content -- written and visual, long-form (often placed behind a form) and short-form (publicly available, like a blog post)
Optimize that content for SEO
Manage social media

However, from a content marketing perspective, we see that marketers focus on some key goals such as:

  • Brand awareness.
  • Lead generation.
  • Engagement.
  • Sales.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Customer retention and loyalty.

  • Customer evangelism.
  • Up-selling and cross-selling.


Sunday, 14 August 2016

How to build a super successful business ?

Everybody dreams to build a super successful company but trust me there is no sacred handbook for success. Being successful is not so simple, and we need to be very productive in our ways of managing the company is one of the ways anyone can start with......


i am going to tell you few essential tips in order to be more productive in our daily life....
to face the challenges ahead
get up early....

health is wealth.... you need to go bed early so that you can have your min rest and also be ready to face the challenges & problems.... simple.. take enough rest & good food .
this habit will help you the most to stay focused in your goal every damn morning!!


make notes, keep your goals, objectives, missions and deadlines done on time... 
building a great business is based on good customer satisfaction ...and people trusting in your products...
NO matter how small don't break the promises you made to your customers, employees & also to yourself.... and don't be afraid to set realistic goals for yourself and your company....


learn how to tell stories....capture peoples imagination.... LARGE corporations know story telling is the key to building a brand image....consumers are not affected by numbers and figures much ... they are more moved by drama, story, emotions, designs, experience.....
Can you tell your story!!
every professional need to know how to quickly adapt to their external & internal environment....but also know how to start an interesting conversation....ARE YOU THE LADIES-MAN.... or are you a GENTLE-MAN


and the services of all the team-mates are required to build a super company...
You should start asking a lot of questions... I MEAN A WHOLE LOT OF THEM....
is your business model bad? what are my revenue streams? should i use digital channels for ads?..... you wont know until you start asking ...& try to find solutions to your questions..

BE honest to yourself and others.... and sometimes every business professional should take sometime and reflect on things....like what is the purpose of my company.... are the problems solved by my product real or like do i have a good solution..... 

or maybe do i have a good team .....what is that i'm doing wrong...
all such things should come to the mind of co-founders trying to make the business model very simple and profitable.....


TAKE BREAKS..... every professional also needs sometime to themselves, it maybe private or some kind of social breaks to get refreshed and unplugged...
take breaks when you really need them.
here are few more essential tips to become more productive.


Friday, 5 August 2016


Customer acquisition is the process of finding best strategy and methods to manage and convert your customer leads & prospects generated by different marketing channels.

 "So, how do you plan on acquiring customers?"

Emails, social media, SEO, Press release, content marketing ...... you can talk about all such strategies, techniques & sales channels to find prospects and turn them into customers but applying & investing in all such methods is like shooting in the dark not knowing where your target is.....
The right strategy is that every professional or startup owner needs to be committed to a customer acquisition plan and pivot if a particular technique is not generating enough traction.
your customer acquisition plan should change as your startup grows older & bigger.....you should keep a watchful eye on your target markets need and aspirations, are they happy or are they not satisfied with the services......keep your strategy dynamic and and should evolve as you keep growing.
Every startup founder initially tries random methods to generate user base. you set up your social media contents and email lists or try out some growth hacking tools that you just read about...
Sooner or later you will realize that such random tactics is not going to generate any growth, you need a proper plan & strategy to achieve your customer acquisition targets
Start tracking your metrics and analyse the data collected so that you can plan where to attack and which tactics are working successfully. 


I am going to give you some tips on customer acquisitions and details about how to develop your plan for customer acquisition.

Find out about your target market segment. who is your customer or user is case of an app or website. find out how to reach them, do they really need your service or product and how to sell to them.
Define your short term and long term goals. set milestones for your company to achieve and set deadlines or keep tracking and analyzing
What is your acquisition funnel, break down your consumers journey to you & analyze each step carefully... Check out for any more channels to find leads and convert them into sales.... you need to draw your acquisition funnel and try to find leaks and missed out opportunities which should be fixed with proper planning....find opportunities for quick success.
Find out about your key business metrics. without knowing your metrics you might know "i need to get more traction" but you can't find out about optimum target or number to achieve..
Keep tracking from day one. your goal should be to develop a hypothesis and then start working from your research


Now that you know your mission & metrics , you can reverse engineer to find out loopholes to plug and focus your effort on key issues that are effecting your growth or acquisition targets. 

Keep optimizing and formulating your techniques & strategies.

Spending your time on both product development & customer acquisition is key to your startup's success.

A good customer acquisition plan will help you to achieve the goals & traction for your startup but without good management, execution & research no plan will work successfully. keep iterating your tactics with a mixture of different marketing & content ideas, only then you will be able to hack your growth to top.

Tips for customer acquisition

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Design Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content for the Web (phenomposts.blogspot.com)

designing content for free
DESIGN YOUR CONTENTS FOR FREE IF YOU ARE A SMALL STARTUP/COMPANYkeep testing till you know the precise type of contents that you need for your marketing & branding needs..there are lots of free tools & software to design beautiful content .... and if you do not have a designing team or a member you need to stop wasting your time & start browsing through free tools to create & share good or even awesome content designed just by yourself.this can also save some of your time & money by not hiring someone who can take a lot of your time, a part of your budget is invested in that person & most of the time if you have not hired that person without verifying his earlier work(or if they are interns or freshers) you might end up wasting your firms time without even getting the designs you hoped that you would get.so start designing ... you can even find templates for various types of content post ..here in this post i have shared a link with some of the top best content designing tools and apps... go check out!! AND start creating stunning content for your marketing & social media related postsfind your FREE VISUAL CONTENT CREATING TOOLS.

LEADS TO SALES : tips, techniques & the whole process

Lead generation is the process of initiating consumer interest or inquiry for products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.
To boost a lead generation process and optimize the quality and quantity of leads you generate you can use these simple lead generation methods:

lead generation begins with a prospect's initial engagement with the business. And, can include connection with your blog, downloading white papers or a discussion on a social networking site.It's essential to capture that transaction and imagination for consideration and future nurturing for any types of products or services
 Nurture Leads that are not ready for a hand-off to sales need to go into the nurturing bucket. As a fair amount of these leads are often in the research phase, emails, offers and targeted content should help that process rather than focus on overt selling.
 Lead scoring is very important method to segment potential leads into various funnels based on lead quality, size, demographic, etc. Leads are scored based on factors such as: demographics, source data and behavior. Leads with a sales-ready score are handed off to sales for further follow-up.
Giving a lead to the sales team is not a simple hand-off. For effective delivery, include as much information about the prospect as possible to help the sales team land the sale.
Information to share with the sales team can include: what type of marketing activities has the prospect responded to best and which product are they are likely to purchase based on previous responses.

Evaluate To maintain a successful lead generation process, evaluate leads carefully with the sales team to refine your channels. Continual adjustment means you can alter your initiatives based on the requirements of immediate business conditions.
for more lead generation tip visit this link: lead generation tips

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Marketing Tips For Beginners

“Nothing kills a bad company faster than good marketing”

i found this article very useful as a marketing enthusiasts .... marketing is knowing everything about customer retention and how to capture a potential consumer demography... you have to be optimistic about any channels to customer acquisition! and also be smart enough to take the right step when the market demands... you have to be able to segment your consumer and target them with paid or free marketing techniques... you have to pay good attention to your marketing budget & its always better to get the marketing plans set for the next 12 months before investing in the market.....
hope you get some insights into the marketing world....ultimate startup marketing GUIDE  .    

Tuesday, 26 July 2016



The German event industry is growing steadily with around 390 million attendees in events held around the country, which is 2.6% more than last years. the country is gaining popularity as the leading venue infrastructures or event management resource provider for organizers and event participants. total no. of foreign visitors has increased by 8% to 27 mil.the future of event industry in Germany looks positive or now as even the suppliers and organizers seem happy and believe that the sector will keep developing and improving its infrastructure & services.

Germany’s supply remained relatively stable last year despite growing demand at home and abroad: 7,208 event centers, conference hotels and event locations each with seating for at least 100 people in their largest room indicate a moderate increase of 0.8% relative to 2014. The number of events likewise remained relatively constant at 3.06 million (plus 0.7%).By far the most important type of event at German venues were conferences, meetings and seminars which accounted for 52.1% and an increase of 2.5 percentage points. There was also a slight overall increase in the average number of participants at German events.  

Here is a detailed industry report of the German event market(by meeting & event barometer).

Monday, 25 July 2016


lean startups culture is reshaping the startup culture. gone are the days when every founder had to write up a big exclusive business model. As per research by Shikhar Ghosh Harvard business school 75% of all startups fail.

find out more about lean startups & why such type of business models can change everything...why-the-lean-start-up-changes-everything

Thursday, 9 June 2016


ARE YOU!! an event planner or your work involves managing events for corporations then you need the best professional tips to handle your event smoothly.

Here is the question:
The top 5 things I need to consider before running my own event management agency? A lot of readers want to know how to run their own business. In times of recession this need is even stronger. What are the top 5 things one should consider?
find top5 professional tips here:

Starting an event planning company

If you have experienced a lot of private parties, fundraisers, corporate events, etc. then you can make good use of this experience to create something beautiful.... your own event for your choice of attendees... follow the link below and learn crucial insights about event planning services and factors that matter.   annual event attendee spending has reached  $500 billion !! 
that is a BIG A$$ market....