Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Top 10 business networking tips to build powerful strategic network

Business network is a route to market and also an essential tool to marketing tool.
"its not about what u know ,its who you know".......

(your contacts) works for you when you need recommendations or personal introductions ,always very helpful for developing business opportunities..
There are all sorts of professionals outside the business community who can also help build an effective network, for example scientists, lecturers, lawyers, engineers, educators, etc. the tips that are given below apply broadly to any sort of networking - in-person, business events, social meetups, etc.

1. Elevator speech. Describing yourself precisely and impressively. 

2. Be different. Differentiate yourself. Be best at something.keep your objectives in your focus. 

3. Helping others in network. Help others and you will be helped. 

4. Personal integrity. Integrity, trust and reputation are vital for networking. 

5. Relevant targeting. professional associations & connections relevant to your aims and capabilities. 

6. Plans and goals.  Plan your networking - and know what you want. Be clear about your goals. 

7. Follow up. Following up meetings and referrals makes things happen. 

8. Be positive. Be a positive influence on everyone and everything. '+'

9. Sustained focused effort. Be focused - and ever-ready. 

10. Life balance. Being balanced and grounded builds assurance 

*feel free to comment & tell us about networking tips. 
these tips are good for basic/beginners to help them start networking. experienced professionals mostly have their own ways to network and gain insights.

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