Saturday, 30 July 2016

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designing content for free
DESIGN YOUR CONTENTS FOR FREE IF YOU ARE A SMALL STARTUP/COMPANYkeep testing till you know the precise type of contents that you need for your marketing & branding needs..there are lots of free tools & software to design beautiful content .... and if you do not have a designing team or a member you need to stop wasting your time & start browsing through free tools to create & share good or even awesome content designed just by yourself.this can also save some of your time & money by not hiring someone who can take a lot of your time, a part of your budget is invested in that person & most of the time if you have not hired that person without verifying his earlier work(or if they are interns or freshers) you might end up wasting your firms time without even getting the designs you hoped that you would start designing ... you can even find templates for various types of content post in this post i have shared a link with some of the top best content designing tools and apps... go check out!! AND start creating stunning content for your marketing & social media related postsfind your FREE VISUAL CONTENT CREATING TOOLS.

LEADS TO SALES : tips, techniques & the whole process

Lead generation is the process of initiating consumer interest or inquiry for products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.
To boost a lead generation process and optimize the quality and quantity of leads you generate you can use these simple lead generation methods:

lead generation begins with a prospect's initial engagement with the business. And, can include connection with your blog, downloading white papers or a discussion on a social networking site.It's essential to capture that transaction and imagination for consideration and future nurturing for any types of products or services
 Nurture Leads that are not ready for a hand-off to sales need to go into the nurturing bucket. As a fair amount of these leads are often in the research phase, emails, offers and targeted content should help that process rather than focus on overt selling.
 Lead scoring is very important method to segment potential leads into various funnels based on lead quality, size, demographic, etc. Leads are scored based on factors such as: demographics, source data and behavior. Leads with a sales-ready score are handed off to sales for further follow-up.
Giving a lead to the sales team is not a simple hand-off. For effective delivery, include as much information about the prospect as possible to help the sales team land the sale.
Information to share with the sales team can include: what type of marketing activities has the prospect responded to best and which product are they are likely to purchase based on previous responses.

Evaluate To maintain a successful lead generation process, evaluate leads carefully with the sales team to refine your channels. Continual adjustment means you can alter your initiatives based on the requirements of immediate business conditions.
for more lead generation tip visit this link: lead generation tips

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Marketing Tips For Beginners

“Nothing kills a bad company faster than good marketing”

i found this article very useful as a marketing enthusiasts .... marketing is knowing everything about customer retention and how to capture a potential consumer demography... you have to be optimistic about any channels to customer acquisition! and also be smart enough to take the right step when the market demands... you have to be able to segment your consumer and target them with paid or free marketing techniques... you have to pay good attention to your marketing budget & its always better to get the marketing plans set for the next 12 months before investing in the market.....
hope you get some insights into the marketing world....ultimate startup marketing GUIDE  .    

Tuesday, 26 July 2016



The German event industry is growing steadily with around 390 million attendees in events held around the country, which is 2.6% more than last years. the country is gaining popularity as the leading venue infrastructures or event management resource provider for organizers and event participants. total no. of foreign visitors has increased by 8% to 27 mil.the future of event industry in Germany looks positive or now as even the suppliers and organizers seem happy and believe that the sector will keep developing and improving its infrastructure & services.

Germany’s supply remained relatively stable last year despite growing demand at home and abroad: 7,208 event centers, conference hotels and event locations each with seating for at least 100 people in their largest room indicate a moderate increase of 0.8% relative to 2014. The number of events likewise remained relatively constant at 3.06 million (plus 0.7%).By far the most important type of event at German venues were conferences, meetings and seminars which accounted for 52.1% and an increase of 2.5 percentage points. There was also a slight overall increase in the average number of participants at German events.  

Here is a detailed industry report of the German event market(by meeting & event barometer).

Monday, 25 July 2016


lean startups culture is reshaping the startup culture. gone are the days when every founder had to write up a big exclusive business model. As per research by Shikhar Ghosh Harvard business school 75% of all startups fail.

find out more about lean startups & why such type of business models can change everything...why-the-lean-start-up-changes-everything