Friday, 5 August 2016


Customer acquisition is the process of finding best strategy and methods to manage and convert your customer leads & prospects generated by different marketing channels.

 "So, how do you plan on acquiring customers?"

Emails, social media, SEO, Press release, content marketing ...... you can talk about all such strategies, techniques & sales channels to find prospects and turn them into customers but applying & investing in all such methods is like shooting in the dark not knowing where your target is.....
The right strategy is that every professional or startup owner needs to be committed to a customer acquisition plan and pivot if a particular technique is not generating enough traction.
your customer acquisition plan should change as your startup grows older & should keep a watchful eye on your target markets need and aspirations, are they happy or are they not satisfied with the services......keep your strategy dynamic and and should evolve as you keep growing.
Every startup founder initially tries random methods to generate user base. you set up your social media contents and email lists or try out some growth hacking tools that you just read about...
Sooner or later you will realize that such random tactics is not going to generate any growth, you need a proper plan & strategy to achieve your customer acquisition targets
Start tracking your metrics and analyse the data collected so that you can plan where to attack and which tactics are working successfully. 


I am going to give you some tips on customer acquisitions and details about how to develop your plan for customer acquisition.

Find out about your target market segment. who is your customer or user is case of an app or website. find out how to reach them, do they really need your service or product and how to sell to them.
Define your short term and long term goals. set milestones for your company to achieve and set deadlines or keep tracking and analyzing
What is your acquisition funnel, break down your consumers journey to you & analyze each step carefully... Check out for any more channels to find leads and convert them into sales.... you need to draw your acquisition funnel and try to find leaks and missed out opportunities which should be fixed with proper planning....find opportunities for quick success.
Find out about your key business metrics. without knowing your metrics you might know "i need to get more traction" but you can't find out about optimum target or number to achieve..
Keep tracking from day one. your goal should be to develop a hypothesis and then start working from your research


Now that you know your mission & metrics , you can reverse engineer to find out loopholes to plug and focus your effort on key issues that are effecting your growth or acquisition targets. 

Keep optimizing and formulating your techniques & strategies.

Spending your time on both product development & customer acquisition is key to your startup's success.

A good customer acquisition plan will help you to achieve the goals & traction for your startup but without good management, execution & research no plan will work successfully. keep iterating your tactics with a mixture of different marketing & content ideas, only then you will be able to hack your growth to top.

Tips for customer acquisition

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