Saturday, 17 September 2016

Productivity for professionals

Have you ever thought about how your productivity is getting low ... Because of stress and other life issues ... But this doesn't mean you won't work on your productivity ....
You can first start by getting tools that can make your life more productive

You can also make more out of your efforts and time by networking... professionals networks.. close connections or whatever you can call them... They all have the same cause...
These close circles help us solve problems that we can't usually find easily... They might even help us connect to another awesome person relevant to our needs and problems.... So start building your network...

We want to make a platform for professionals to find relevant connections... Our mission is to help professionals connect and do business...
Help and join our mission to stay updated with awesome insights and our progress.
 Golden tips for developing professional networks

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Mobile application marketing strategy

There are 1.3 mil android and 1.2 mil ios apps on the store .. that's a lot and this competition is only increasing.....the total no. of smart phone users is around 1.9 bil at present....the ad revenue is ever increasing .. no. of investments in mobile app companies are growing .... Better infrastructure and financial facilities compared to 5 years ago...everything is right to work on your own idea .. build an app...and launch it!!but before you launch your app in the store, make sure you have a proper marketing plan for pre and post launch periods...this will help you manage the risks involved and also help gauge your own apps performance in the app store...

start with doing some market research

once you have decided to work on your application... before you sit down and start coding your wire-frames & ui....go out in the market 
meet your target audience and talk to them about the needs that they want your app to fulfill ... what are their requirements and try to figure 
out who are the core users.. you will start building the app around your core users and that's how you are going to decide which
features to provide via feedback or ratings... also find out about apps solving the same problem... study their applications.. 
look at their names and what category or keywords they are targeting...  

generate a feedback loop

during beta testing phase you have to identify the core users and make them use your app in all possible scenarios and with some marketing budget
you can target them through different social media channels.... make a pre signup list so that you can send them a notification as soon as you launch 
in the app store...also you have to be actively engaged with the users to build a strong user community around your app..

marketing before and after

marketing for application is often neglected in comparison to the importance given to time and resources invested in product development and research.
marketing is also as important.. you have to make your product discover-able so that they can download your app as soon as possible
marketing plan for application includes some basic but crucial steps:

USP- what makes your app unique. 
optimize for app store
app name
preview trailer
blog for your company
beta test phase
promotional channels
community forums
outreach plan
press KIT
promotional deadlines

USER engagement retention

the sooner you start working on user engagement and retention its better because initially your are going to pup some money to get downloads 
and increase active users ... but for the long run your user engagement & retention strategies should be properly planned out and executed early...
use 80-20 rule to find your best 20% features that brings 80% of the engagement and start working from that...

startup insights-how to acquire customers

measuring key parameters

monthly active users daily active users
retention rate- help you find if your app in market fit or not
average revenue per user life time value of your users
find out the statistics important for your company and try to make them better to perform better and stay strong in the competition

beginner tips for marketing professionals

app-store update description

you can also use the update description to market the new features and updates available from the app... use this strategy to get attention
from existing users who haven't been much active lately...

customer support

you will have millions of downloads but its important to take care of each user... a bad customer review or experience when gets viral in the internet 
community it can have a great damage and loss for the brand and company.. so its very important that you take care of your users and reply to their queries and
try solving their problems effectively.


don't underestimate the power of email

it's very critical to start building your email list and start creating personalized email marketing campaigns