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Increasing your word-of-mouth marketing - Phenomposts

Many business professionals believe that word-of-mouth referral is the most powerful form of marketing.. is also one of the most lucrative ways of spreading information about your company and what services or products that you offer... when referring to someone your customer becomes a part of the sales force of your company and regardless of any company and their size or revenue this is TRUE!!
according to statistics...above 80% of people listen to their friends and family members recommendation before buying any product... and also about 60% people will trust opinions from consumers they have never met before in their life... 

word-of-mouth marketing strategies

who's better than your own loyal consumers to sell your products... right!!... word-of-mouth is an aspect of marketing that shouldn't bee ignored by any firm/company/organisation  ...

WORD-OF-MOUTH is one of the primary factor that continues to influence major purchasing decisions!

After some research and on-ground observations, talking to professionals and normal users of any brand or products, i came up with a list of things to do for increasing your W.O.M.(Word-of-mouth) referrals... 
Following is a list of techniques and things you can do to increase your W.O.M. referrals marketing strategy :

ASK FOR REFERRALS-ask for referrals directly. when you will be good at something people will help concentrate on your brand and services and people(loyal consumers) will go out of their way to help you

BE SPECIFIC-be specific at what type of target market you have for your referral make the users more clear about what type of people they should refer ....

tips for leads-sales process and acquiring customers

CUSTOMERS VISION-peek and have a nice look inside your customers head and find what does he really needs from you... what are they looking for?. also if they find you resourceful and that you are there to help them then they will refer you to someone who fits .. sales confirmed!!
align with your customers vision :)
word-of-mouth still most important in the digital age of internet

Make a wow product- make a viral product...that would make people talk about it.. make a original need based people's product... once people around you start noticing your product you can start your marketing strategies.
word-of-mouth marketing
here is a list of 2016 marketing tips for beginner

Getting your product to influencers- identify your influencers and start targeting them need to find people who loves your product and want to tell their friends about it because it helps them... but the problem is finding the right influencers no matter how many followers or decision changing powers they might have.. getting your product into the right people is a strategy not an option .. provide your product to a powerful influencer and highlight the needs it solves and build a story behind it ... and slowly you can get from 1 influencer to a small community to a powerful brand with a growing userbase... 
power influence 

SHARING IS CARING-make it easy to share for your customers. it should be easy for users to write a review and easily share it and talk about your contents in different social media channels.. get reviews and rating and get your users share their opinions on the internet .. try to get honest reviews.

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