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Phenomposts - online reputation management guide

 What is Online reputation management? :   

Its the process of managing online results and contents about you or your business... When someone types your name/business-name and searches it on google or any other search engine... you want to make sure that there are no negative results or queries about you/your business.... O.R.M. (online reputation management) is simply the process of controlling your online reputation and branding..

Having good reviews about your product or business is always favorable sometimes you might have hit hard by a bad review.... you yourself as a consumer might have consulted many user reviews before buying any product... Previously like 10-15 years ago the power of digital media was in the hands of the business managers but after the social media revolution and wave of social platforms where you can make profiles tag and post contents on anything ... any business or product...this power of control of what is being said or posted about any brands or business or person has been transferred into the hands of consumers..

Consumers are always seeking for more user generated reviews, contents and posts for guidance and to compare products or services ....their buying decisions are being manipulated by users all over the world posting written contents, blog-posts or any videos or images.

Social media catalyzed such social behaviors trends, where each user is interacting openly with others like them or even interact with brands .... in the social media age word-of-mouth is very important if you want to keep generating leads for your business and keep your marketing-sales funnel working !!

 Why O.R.M. is important for you?  

It is often said that an unhappy customers will tell at-least 10 others about their unhappy experience about any product or service and may even influence others into not buying that product/service... any negative review or comment on your business page is a very daunting experience... this is where an online reputation manager comes in.... they control the online reputation by managing your online pages, blogs, social media profiles.... these professionals use many techniques to harness the power of internet reviews and social media feedback to gain a competitive advantage on others..

This guide is for professionals, owners, managers, students, etc. who want to control their online reputation and build an awesome brand...

 How to use online reviews? 

Firstly you need to assess your current online reputation. Search for yourself online...your full name...your brand or your company name...even your blog page or website.. how does your page and links rank in the search results... list down all the URL which show up in the first two page....also take notes of what is being said about you....
By taking specific steps and actions you can manage your online reputation and create a phenomenal brand and image that links both the online and offline world.

 What changes are to be made? 

Look in detail which link show up when you search your brand online and identify where and what changes you want to make. If any negative post or review is present then make sure you make it a priority to delete that or push its ranking down. Also mark the contents & posts which you want to show up in the rankings...

Determine your best platforms and arenas...find out the social media sites and platforms where your target market hangs a strong brand message in those platforms... depending on the type of reputation you want you can choose the arena and start posting relevant information about you or your brand... after finding out the current reputation data you can figure out what strategy is going to workout for your brand/company..what & where are you going to post these information and messages...placement and relevancy is very important if you want to build the best image in the market.... the type of contents or messages might include :
a blog post, press releases, directories or research papers, tweets, videos on YouTube, Facebook posts , tutorials, events , meetups or even interviews.. 

 How to start Building your online reputation? 

make good quality contents of different types like email, blog-posts, messages, videos, articles etc... and keep working on your marketing strategy and start posting them and promoting them on search engines... use Search engine optimization techniques to make your posts and pages more visible and rank higher than competition  .... use user generated reviews and posts and use them to create blog posts to get more positive image (ask your hardcore customers to promote you/your brand).... make sure your business operations and its objectives are transparent to your consumers... this will help you get good user generated contents... both bad and good.... if its a negative review.... you need to work to get that post deleted or get it pushed down.... try to talk and communicate to customers especially those who had bad experience with your brand.... solve the issue and make them post it online if they are satisfied with your service & help or not.... if not you still have to find better solutions and if  they are satisfied and happy .... encourage them to post about your brand on social media platforms. Do not run away from transparency.

Phenomposts-secrets for good reputation

 A good online reputation is a vital element for any business 

as you keep creating contents to help your reputation improve... also keep a track on how successfully are you able to influence your target market.. monitor regularly your online reputation. track your progress and keep an eye for any mentions or key phrases related to you... doing that will help you can sort them out accordingly and respond to anything negative or bad for your image(example:fake news). Good quality RELEVANT content is must for your brand building... start publishing and promoting on internet... been seen and heard among your target users. Before responding to any online complaints or bad reviews seriously consider that there may be some weaknesses in your process that need to be addressed and if the company or you messes up or do something wrong take the ownership for it. Make genuine apology to those who had any bad experience as a product or service or by you or your brand. lastly i would like to say that...although online reputation management is necessary .. like all business operations you need to effectively invest time and money to build your online reputation and manage it properly. 



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