Thursday, 19 January 2017


Are you a productive person? Have you ever wondered what makes one more productive than another?

Productivity is not about one's intelligence or skills, its about practicing and maintaining habits that makes you more efficient in your daily work life.

Productivity does not means working hours after hours like a machine .... the amount of your ability and discipline that you have also doesn't mean that you are productive... it might just help you in certain situations... but how do someone remain productive 365 days, all year long ...

Productivity simply means you can do high impact work in a short span of time.

For example: suppose i can type pretty well and very fast .... and i can respond to 1000 mails a day....that only does not makes me highly productive.... because writing & replying e-mails has very little output. 

So, to increase my productivity i need to send more impacting emails (emails which has more real output) or just do some work which has more productive results.

Productivity gets better output than your normal days results. Productivity doesn't comes overnight need commitment to intelligence, planning, excellence focused effort.

Productivity is not achieved by accident... it takes practice hard work.

Are you ready to be productive in your daily life style and maintain your commitment to achieve more from your work because we all know we have limited time as adults ... as we have so many responsibilities and jobs.

In this blog-post I'm going to share tips and studies done on productivity and how top world leaders from different fields keep themselves more productive than the rest of us.

Productive people manage their time very well. They focus on minutes not hours. Leaders who are successful and productivity know that time is the most valuable asset that they have, money can be made and lost but time spend is never reclaimed ... so you should know where to spend your time and how much of your time you are going to spend doing a work. Timing is everything, especially in the world of business, entrepreneurship or professionals

Focused people are most productive. Highly functioning professionals know what is their most important job and work on it every single day, usually they start every morning by doing that important task for 1-2-3 hours without any interruptions. What is your most important task that will make you successful and gain you more output? To be productive you need to know prioritizing things and work them out on that order. Be productive by accomplishing tasks that get you more and better results. 

to-do lists v/s to-don't list.
do not use a to-do lists ... instead use a calendar and put everything on that .. almost 40% of things on a to-do lists are not actually done and this leads to stress when you keep looking at that undone list of tasks... very unproductive. Use your calendar to stay updated with your schedule. Create a to-don't list and write down all the unproductive habits that you do not want to repeat again. 

Avoid distractions procrastination. Productive people don't waste their time trying to build their willpower, instead they work on the barriers of productivity and prioritize their work and do the without losing focus and also taking breaks whenever required. Productivity decreases as we keep working for long hours, so do keep short breaks to keep yourself fresh and more efficient in whatever you doing.  

Automate operations that you can. Technology has enabled us to automate small things that take up a lot of time in our daily life. similarly is the case with any business or career, you need to automate all the unimportant tasks which could be done using technology. automation will save you a lot of time and you can focus on things that matter. Find out what are the daily activities that you can automate.

Optimize time pockets. There are many events occurring during our day-to-day activities and we have small time pockets in between different events which we can optimize effectively to increase our productivity. this technique is valuable for anybody everybody. find out where in your schedule you are having such time pockets and plan accordingly so you can achieve the maximum results in least time.

Set timelines. you need to set timeline for your work because if you don't ,there is a high possibility that it might take longer than you expected it to... and as you lose track of time the job might extend longer and if your timeline and schedule is not set it will take forever to complete that work...also it will effect all the other tasks. you need regular goal setting and timeline setup for your work to remain productive and maintain consistency.

Don't fear asking for help. Discussing your ideas and problems with business leaders and other professionals who have solved a similar problem like yours or simply belong to the same industry as your products is the best strategy whenever problems arise whose solution you can't find anywhere else .. asking for help is not very easy. especially for people like me who wants to do everything myself and learn by doing... but guess what! there are people out there who already has the value and knowledge that we want to acquire and we can't reach our full potential unless we reach out and take opportunities like these ..make use of the free world...

Don't Multitask. Successful people don't ever multitask ... they just focus all strategy on one job and do that one task utilizing all mental and physical abilities. productivity decreases with multi tasking, your goal to be able to focus yourself on the most necessary work that is to be done without interruptions from any other stress or work. choose your specific task/objective/output and use all your assets on it for quality results in any business.

Sleep.Eat-healthy.Exercise.Get-out. after doing a good amount of good work all day you need to cave in have a good meal and most important a good sound sleep as well. "healthy body = healthy mind"
And start your day with highly nutritious healthy heavy breakfast ... you are not going to have much time to eat all day while you hustle and grind all day. productivity needs your body mind to be fit.  And also take breaks after whole weeks work ... get out in the sunlight and natural breeze... it will work as a stress buster too... this will keep you happy to stay on track with your mission and goals.

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