Wednesday, 1 March 2017


For any entrepreneur - it is very critical to build the right relationships with seasoned business professionals and grow your business network. the opportunities that will come to you will be from your own network and the people you spend time with. most of your opportunities are attached to people close to you.

To be a great in business networking... you have to know about all the major events in your space - conferences, meetups, seminars, workshops etc. You have to use your network to get information about any business related events where you can generate lead or get to meet someone who can help you with your business objectives.

Whenever you try to talk to other attendees or even speakers during any event, don't care much about your first impression. Almost everyone gets it wrong the first time. The key is to build a long term relationship and get comfortable over time.

(99%)Most people think networking event is just a waste of time. To be more efficient in your networking goal, you have to be prepared to do unlimited amount of face-to-face interactions and if you can try to find out who's going to attend and how can you use them for long term business goals. just registering for an event is not enough... 

Participating actively with other attendees and getting their contact cards(business cards) is the secret of building a good network. 
You have to show them your value and how you can be an important part of their network.

You can successfully build network with the top industry leaders and professionals by creating something of value for them. You have to make yourself interesting enough that they choose to seek you out. 
You have to identify what sets you apart... 
Identify what makes you unique

Ask your friends to tell you about your extraordinary features..what is unique about you..
what are the best experiences you had & what are you really interested about. think about how are you going to introduce yourself when you get a chance to meet and talk with some CEO of a multi billion dollar company whom you have always wanted to meet. 

What is your pitch? 

Be an expert in your field... grow your knowledge and expertise in your industry/market.Once you have enough knowledge you will be confident to talk to people about that topic. you might also be able to give some valuable advice. this will take you to the top of the list.

Be patient and keep learning new insights about your business or industry. Providing solutions to your colleagues or someone from your network will prove your talent and skill. this in turn will get you enough credentials to build an ever growing business network that will get you the best business opportunities and life time of valuable relationships.

So what are you waiting for..... start building your business network today.

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