•  more than 75% consider events important for their business

  •  90% of non profits mark events as very important

  •  B2B companies are least appreciative about events 

  •  learning, generating lead & raising fund are top reasons to host 

  • fund raising are top 3 reasons people attend events    

  •  EDUCATE - is ranked as most important reason for hosting events 

  •  social gathering & classes are most frequently organised 

  • most businesses hold educational event 

  •  Non-profits host more conferences than B2B & B2C combined 

  •  B2B companies organizes classes more often 

  •  B2C companies hosts social gatherings most frequently 

  •  Non-profits use most type of events 

  •  Nonprofits spend the most time planning their events 

  •  B2B companies spend 5-8 weeks planning an event 

  •  event marketing budget <= 20% of budget 

  •  7-8% are unaware of how much budget goes into an event 

  •  5 - number of promotional methods for events  

  •  40% use social media for event marketing 

  •  11% use blogs for event marketing 

  •  47% still mail invites 

  •  more than 25% use press releases for events 

  •  more than 50% rely on social media for event marketing 

  •  B2Cs are mostly like to rely on social media, B2Bs most unlikely  

  •  most companies don't charge for events 
  • Nonprofits are more likely to use an online tool for event marketing

  • almost 8% of organizers found difficulty collecting fees

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